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Title: shoutbox cut me off :)
Post by: beaver1 on July 27, 2017, 12:32:38 PM
h0ps, wish you would come join discord and try to be a little bit nicer to people than you normally are and lead this community in a positive direction, and i mean come join the railwarz discord and steal our players away back to lfire, and join this q2ctf discord i made to give lfire lmctf expert ctf and railwarz ctf a common meeting place. also come join the lmctf and expert ctf discords. i know you are on acme and tastyspleen discords. already but these little tiny things to bridge out in combination with a positive attitude can have butterfly effects on the community moving forward. there is also a quake legacy discord that is to connect all the oldschool quake games online communities  from quake 1 to quake champions and beyond! then of course the quetoo discord a remake of quake2 that everyone wishes would happen its here just needs players! wish you all would join them all and idle everyone once in a while to show support to the quake communties and encourage growth back to the game we all love. so much more can happen when we are connected than just peeping in every once in a while hoping it will be awesome. (
All international players welcome! come prove how much skill you really have 5v5+ games possible every night! | Q2esVida | Rocket Arena 2

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Our Mission is to let everyone know people still play the oldschool quake games and get you connected to all the resources you need to play them  encourage community growth in every corner of the world ( ( ( ( (

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Q2CTF connecting LFire Railwarz Expert and LMCTF communities together quadruple our playerbase :) (

Title: Re: shoutbox cut me off :)
Post by: awc on July 27, 2017, 04:25:07 PM
I enjoyed q1 played a lot of team forest back in its days,enjoyed planting bombs and type comments like "that had to hurt: after blowing someone up.