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Author Topic: RULES/FEEDBACK: Acme Spring Cup 2013 - Wednesday Night League.  (Read 3327 times)
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« on: February 03, 2013, 01:01:36 AM »


Below is the propose rules/format.   By March 1st a new locked/stickied topic will be created with finalized rules.  It will then be updated once a week with needed standings/stats/teams.

In the meantime, Please post any thoughts or issues you have with what is posted below.  I am open to suggestions throughout the month of February.  I'm pretty content with how things are planned, but if you have any issues, please give your two cents, even if it's just correcting my grammar(badly needed).

This is not a part of the ladder.  The ladder is perpetual and well.  This is just a short term gaming league to run side by side.  It will be all forum and email based.  I think a regular gaming night has the potential to be a lot of fun.  I myself will certainly be looking forward to Wednesdays in March and April.
SIGN UP DEADLINE: Saturday March 2

DRAFT DATE:  Sunday March 3 10pm

Registered dedicated players:
   RUSTY, ex, Stan, Link, rust, bOnKeRs, The Cleaner, Targe, alka, yowza, Fors, dash, adrenaline, bad, ex, ZestfullyClean, barton, xgamma, Cartman[CAMP]

Players that responded in sign-up thread, but were not explicit in whether or not they are signing up:

Registered subs:

Team 1:         Team 3:
    name                name
    name                name
    name                name
    name                name
    name                name
Team 2:         Team 4:
     name               name
     name               name
     name               name
     name               name
     name               name

             wins   losses   ties   forfeit   caps   EnemyCaps
Team 1:   x       x         x       x          x        x
Team 2:   x       x         x       x          x        x
Team 3:   x       x         x       x          x        x
Team 4:   x       x         x       x          x        x

Leage Officials: RUSTY```, alka

Regular Season:
TIME                 SRVR   MAP      TEAMS      SCORE  

March 13                        
10:15-10:30 EST   1    q2ctf2      T1 vs. T2   ---
10:15-10:30 EST   2    q2ctf2      T3 vs. T4   ---    
10:45-11pm EST   1    lfctf10   T1 vs. T4   ---
10:45-11pm EST   2    lfctf10   T2 vs. T3   ---

March 20                        
10:15-10:30 EST   1    nxctf7      T2 vs. T4   ---
10:15-10:30 EST   2    nxctf7      T1 vs. T3   ---    
10:45-11pm EST   1    B6CTF      T3 vs. T4   ---
10:45-11pm EST   2    B6CTF      T1 vs. T2   ---

March 27                        
10:15-10:30 EST   1    AS2M7      T1 vs. T3   ---
10:15-10:30 EST   2    AS2M7      T2 vs. T4   ---    
10:45-11pm EST   1    LFCTF1      T1 vs. T4   ---
10:45-11pm EST   2    LFCTF1      T2 vs. T3   ---

April 3                        
10:15-10:30 EST   1    NXCTF4b      T1 vs. T2   ---
10:15-10:30 EST   2    NXCTF4b      T3 vs. T4   ---    
10:45-11pm EST   1    marics_ctf2      T1 vs. T3   ---
10:45-11pm EST   2    marics_ctf2   T2 vs. T4   ---

April 10                        
10:15-10:30 EST   1    LFCTF4      T2 vs. T3   ---
10:15-10:30 EST   2    LFCTF4      T1 vs. T4   ---    
10:45-11pm EST   1    Q2CTF3B   T1 vs. T2   ---
10:45-11pm EST   2    Q2CTF3B   T3 vs. T4   ---

April 17                        
10:15-10:30 EST   1    AS2M7RB   T1 vs. T3   ---
10:15-10:30 EST   2    AS2M7RB   T2 vs. T4   ---    
10:45-11pm EST   1    MARICS_CTF21   T2 vs. T3   ---
10:45-11pm EST   2    mARICS_CTF21   T1 vs. T4   ---

April 24 -- PLAY-OFFS --  Seed1vSeed4 Seed2vSeed3

10:30-10:45 EST 1   Seed1Pick   S1 vs. S4   ---
10:30-10:45 est 2   Seed2Pick   S2 Vs. S3   ---



May 8 ---Finals---

10:15-10:30 EST 1   HighSeedPick   -- vs.--   ---
10:35-10:50 EST 1   LowSeedPick   -- vs.--   ---
If Tie:
10:55-11:10 EST 1   see rules   -- vs.--   ---


There will be two types of captains: draft captains and team leaders. Draft captains will be picked by the league and draft teams. Once teams are formed, each team will select a team leader that is responsible for communicating with league officials, contacting team members to insure attendance, finding subs, and being a general team liaison.   The team leader should be someone who is very active on the forum and ideally a regular on IRC.  Having good team leaders will be what holds this tournament together.  If a team cannot agree on a team leader, league officials will pick one.

Matches will be 15 minutes long.  An automatic forfeit will be scored if a team is over fifteen minuites late. In regular season play, 5v5 and 4v4 are acceptable. 3v3 will be accepted if both teams are missing players.  A team cannot be expected to sit more than 1 player.  Find a sub to make at least 4 or forfeit.  In the event of a forfeit a pick-up is encouraged on the week's assigned map. Screenshots/demos will be posted with results from the other games.

Subs must be approved by the opposing team's captain or by a consensus of league officials.  Subs must be selected at least 24 hours prior to game time.

In regular season play if a player is missing the other team must sit a player picked within +/-1 draft round of the missing player(ideally whoever is closest in skill).  If situation arises where the same players are constantly being required to sit by their team, league officials will intervene.

At the discretion of league officials a permanent replacement may be found for a player that misses 2 or more games.  (leeway will be given to players that inform the league days in advance that they will not be able to play.) League reserves right to assign game subs if captains are unable to agree on a sub within 24 hours

In play-offs/finals a team can sit whomever they like if the opposing team does not have a full roster.  A team cannot be required to sit more than 1 so 4v3 is acceptable.

In finals color is chosen by team that did not pick the map.  Tie-breaker map in finals will be picked by team with fewer forfeits.  If teams have same number of forfeits then it will be picked by higher seed.  If Tie-breaker game is a tie then team frags for that round will determine winner.  If tied frags and captures, then map choice alternates repeatedly as needed with game length reduced to 10 minutes.

Rescheduling of matches is only allowed in the play-offs and finals. Games must be played within the same calendar week.

Make sure at least one person each game sends a screenshot to me  Demos if taken will be posted too.   Perhaps Target will do a weekly casts.

Do not sign up if you cannot commit to making most of the games.  There will be more cups with different schedules.  Be considerate of the expectations your teammates will have.

Please sign up in the sign-up thread.  Please also send an email as welll to me, with an email address that you check regularly.  Reminder emails will be sent before matches with what servers people are playing on.  I will be sending 1 email a week to each team.   All results will be posted on the forum.  I hope they are all followed by some good natured smack Smiley
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« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2013, 07:50:44 PM »


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« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2013, 11:56:22 AM »

I'm responding here rather than in the sign-up topic, because that topic is to sign-up.  Complaints and requests should be here.

Scheduling is tough for people who choose their own times, but it's not impossible.  I remember in both the last cups, there was always at least one day when EVERYONE'S schedule matched up.

It's kinda like the "turn signal" thing when waiting at a red light.  All the cars are all going at different speeds of flashes, but given enough time, eventually they all match up for a second.  Anyway, whatever happens, I'm good for Wednesdays in general, so let's go for it!

We already have an active gaming league with free scheduling to be done by the teams.  It's called the ladder.  The issue is a fluid schedule for a condensed tournament like this is that with our varying schedules it's hard to get everyone together to have matches at least once a week.   It takes a long time for schedules to match up and a lot of effort on the part of the schedulers.

Alka did a lot of work trying to coordinate everyone's schedule, but many matches still resulted in heavy use of subs with many matches not starting on time.   My hope here is people know what they are getting into.

The Match start time is 10:15PM EST every Wednesday with a 15 minute grace period.   If you cannot be online by 10:30pm EST at the absolute latest on most of dates in the schedule above do not sign-up.   Match start for this tournament is not going to be the time half the people get on the server to then play an hour later.  A team with fewer than 3 people by 10:30 forfeits.

Other than in the play-offs, match dates will not be adjusted for 1 person because that will then make it more difficult for every other person playing to plan.

It is only a 2 month season.  I am sorry to those who cannot make Wednesdays.   If this is a success and with WORM's good graces perhaps we can have another cup in the summer on a different weekday giving extra consideration on choosing the day to those unable to participate this time around.

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