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Author Topic: Quake 2 Links Discord Servers Forums Communities Downloads etc  (Read 619 times)
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« on: January 25, 2017, 04:54:06 PM »

Grieder and others have been trying to get everyone on discord.. after a while i finally downloaded the desktop app instead of just using the web browser client.. installed it on my phone now too its really a great app if everyone would install it n get on there.. it would make organizing a game that much easier for those of you who do still want to play or even those who just like to stop by n chat

here is the ACME discord link

you can find a discord community for just about any game out there! its not just for quake2 its so easy to make a server anyone can do it so they are popping up all over the place and gamers are beginning to be connected again...

facebook has been a powerful tool the past few years for myself in communicating with players... but there was so many players not on there.. and i havent been a big fan of IRC since early 2000s cause hardly anyone that plays would use it anymore

but people are in discord and more keep joining everyday!

its been bringing all sorts of new players to railwarz... im sure if someone put the smallest bit of effort into LFire organizing there could be some success fairly quickly

heres some links to put someone on the path to LFire Resurrection, or maybe ra2 or whatever other mod you might want to get going

I think i saw someone on Tastyspleen Discord post about a Jail break night recently

Quake 2 Community Forums, Discord Chat Servers, Links, File Downloads, etc

Here is a Railwarz intro web page one of the new returning players just put together for the community Community Forums

TMG Mod source for Railwarz

Railwarz Server setup starter package

All CTF Textures for Railwarz

7500 Maps Zipped up

Home of the Godspeed TMG Railwarz Bot Master

Quake 2 Tastyspleen community and forums

ACME LFire CTF and Railwarz CTF community and forums

LMCTF - Lokis Minions CTF home page

Expert CTF mod Home Page

Action Quake 2 mod Home Page

Digital Paintball 2 Home Page

European/Worldwide TDM Quake 2 Community

Italian Quake2 Forums

Russian Quake2 Forums

World Wide Esports forums (Quake series)

Polish Quake2 Forums

French Quake2 Forums

Quake 1 Forums

Quake 1 Wiki

Quake 3/4 Forums

Quake 1 Single player map collection (many mirrored file collections for all quakes)

Mapping Level Editor Tools (a lot)

Quake 2 Mod files (a vast collection)

Bethseda Quake Forums

polish quake2 facebook group

Quake 2 Facebook Community Groups

Railwarz CTF

Expert CTF

L Fire CTF


Rocket Arena 2

L-Fire Euro CTF

Quake 2 Discod Community Groups (Voice/Text Chat! Welcome to the future!)

Q2RxClan Quake 2 Railers Discord

Quake 2 Railwarz Community Discord

Quake 2 TastyspleenTV Discord (Rocket Arena 2/ActionQ2/Railwarz/QLive)

Quake 2 ACME Discord (L Fire/Railwarz/Overwatch)

Expert CTF Discord

LMCTF Discord

Quake (Quake Live 1 2 3 4 Champions)

Quake The FPS Game (Quake Series)

Quakeworld Discord (Quake 1)

Quake Universe Discord

Quetoo discord (future of quake2 with modern graphics)

Overfrag discord (Quake Live instaCTF instaFreeze Tag Over Watch)

other discord servers

Arena FPS Discord (all arena FPS Games)

Official Reflex -
Quake Live DNF -
QuakeWorld Rookies -
Quake 3 CPMA -
Quake 4 -
Open Arena -
Xonotic -
Devil Daggers -
Arms of Telos -
Insight -
Toxikk -
Nexuiz (2012) -
Unreal Tournament -
World DOOM League -
Diabotical -
Unreal Tournament -

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Join this Mega Quake Discord!
Quake Legacy Mod Revival!
Join us in the #L-Fire CTF  #LMCTF #railwarz  and #expertctf channels!
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